Sean Guy Questioned

I wanted to introduce myself but couldn’t think of a good place to start. Should I start by describing one of my characters… perhaps Al Hardberg, the aging alcoholic actor whose impish humour betrays his dark past? Or Madame Morgenstern, the stern, unflinching matron of the Troupe, who would pay any price to escape the curse that haunts her and her fellows. But no, that’s not a good starting point. You need context.

So perhaps I might start with a little about Malediction: The Cursed Play, my first published novel. It was released into the world at the end of 2018, a suspenseful historical drama about a group of actors producing a Shakespearean-esque play with a catch: it has never been completed without a member of the cast dying.

Or perhaps I should start with a little about me. Why would you care about my book, or my characters, unless you knew that I was a Darwin-based Australian author with a passion for storytelling in all its forms? If I’m lucky I might catch your interest by admitting that my favourite novel is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, my favourite movie is Zack Synder’s Watchmen, or that as well as writing novels I have written a number of stage and screen plays.

We can get into all that later. For now, I think I will simply share this link. It’s a fun little video about me and my work, and perhaps the strangest interview you will ever see. Why not take a few minutes and give it a whirl? If nothing else I guarantee it will leave you with a little grin.

Thanks for visiting the website! It’s new, but I’ll be updating it soon, so please visit again! 🙂

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