The Morgenstern Troupe

Though it was not the first book I ever wrote, the first installment to The Morgenstern Troupe series was the first I ever published.

‘Malediction: The Cursed Play’ was inspired by the real superstitions behind Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. To this day, theatre actors still refer to it as “The Scottish Play” to avoid misfortune.

‘Malediction’ expands on this idea of a cursed play, to the extreme. Set in a fictional version of Elizabethan England, it features a Troupe of actors attempting to perform ‘The Tragedy of Prince Tyrus’ for the Queen, knowing that the play has never been performed in full without a member of the cast dying.

The plot features ambitious young actors; veterans of the play full of regret; a love triangle and a revenge story; as well as family drama and an unforgiving monarch. As friendships are tested and old secrets are revealed, it becomes not a question of if the play will claim another victim, but when.

Book 2, ‘Coronation’, has been announced but does not yet have a due date.

What People Say

Star-crossed lovers, murder, curses and secrets… Sean Guy has created a delightful romp worthy of a Shakespearean Troupe!

Joanne Van Os

Malediction merrily mixes genres, crime thriller, fantasy and love stories entwine to confound our expectations… more twists than a pack of twisties.

Sandra Kendell

… a tale full of twists and turns: action, intrigue, and humour. I really enjoyed Malediction. I haven’t read anything like it.

D.A. Cairns

Sean Guy spins a brilliant yarn with as many twists and turns as used to be found in stories of the old style – before authors decided to spoon feed us the clues. It’s a thinking person’s story that follows no formula and is hard to put down.

Derek Pugh

It’s clever and quirky and an exciting read… I was immersed, just like watching a play.

Sue Moffitt

[The] thespians in Malediction: The Cursed Play interact with intrigue and ingenuity as they forge relentlessly towards the inevitable but unpredictable finale.

Terry Underwood

…an engaging and well-written tribute to all things Shakespeare.

Kingsley Gittins